Unnatural Selection '04

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It's hard to believe that after the Florida debacle of 2000, that we could possibly top that one.  But just you wait and see.  The groundwork has been laid, and we are being set up for another burglary.  Diebold, Incorporated, a company based in North Canton, OH which makes ATMs and self service terminals, has a contract with our government to develop and oversee the upcoming (s)election.  The problem with this, is that there is no paper trail.  There would be no hard copy of the voting records, thus no evidence as to how the voters cast their votes!  Now, you may say, "Why shouldn't we trust them?"  Well, when the Chief Executive of said company publicly states, "I am committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year" would make anyone of reasonable mind suspicious; especially after Jeb Bush promised to "give the State of Florida to George W. Bush by any means necessary" in 2000.  We all saw what means were necessary.  The same reason is also why internet voting, although convenient, is not a good idea at all.  There is no paper trail, and no way to cross-reference the vote tallies.  Write your government officials and tell them that you want fair and free elections, and you expect them to guarantee the integrity of those elections.  This time around, it's come to be "anybody but Bush" again.  The Republicans will, no doubt, pull the same old tricks they were up to last time around.  After the snafu in Florida, Bush Jr followed through with his plan to continue his father's unfinished business.  That's what this is about.  Perpetuating the agenda... at ANY COST.  It's a good thing the Republicans know what's good for us.  Apparently, we are incapable of making these decisions on our own.