Derek Trucks Band - Roy Wilkens Auditorium - St. Paul, MN 12.30.01

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Derek Trucks Band
Roy Wilkins Auditorium
St. Paul, Minnesota
Wu Years Eve
Opening for Big Wu
SHN - 1 CD
Source: DSBD*> D8 > DAT Master
Transfer: DAT Master > Sony PCM-R300 > Monster X Digital Optical > EGO-SYS Waveterminal U2A > Soundforge 4.5(resampled to 44.1 w/High Bias) > CDWav > MKW > SHN
*all connections digital coax or optical
The audience mix came from the SBD, mic's on stage aimed back over the
audience to provide feel for the room.
Recorded By: Ford
Transferred By: Grout(grout@gotglitter.com)
Only One Set Played.
Disc One
01. Afro Blue
02. Everything is Everything
03. Ain't That Loving You
04. For My Brother
05. B2 Boogaloo
06. Like Anyone Else
07. I Believe
Disc Two
01. Maki Madni >
02. Don't Change Horses
03. Band Into's
04. Joyful Noise
Notes: Opened for The Big Wu
Levels raised 5db in soundforge