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Please read this Carefully before contacting me!

I prefer to trade SHNs, but I will do audio CDs.  For SHNs, the quality of the CD itself is less important, so midgrades are okay for those.  Below are my terms for audio CDs.

First and foremost... NO MP3s!!!  The sound quality is horrible, and sounds empty.  I have a few shows that are from MP3s ( I don't offer them for trade), and am working hard to replace them with quality copies. 

When burning a CD, use single speed. This ensures the best sound quality possible. It's worth spending an hour or more burning to avoid snaps and pops that will come about if burned too quickly.

Burn discs Disc At Once . This helps eliminate gaps or pops between tracks. 

Please do not label or write on discs.  I label them myself, and because I'm an anal retentive prick, I like them all to look uniformed.

For audio format CDs I prefer quality name brand CDs (preferrably Sony, but I'm not too anal about that) that do not have any high contrast printing on them. That way when I make my labels, they do not bleed through. 

I also back up every show onto a data CD in Shorten (*.shn) format.  A compression utility that does not compromise the quality and integrity of a .wav file (see taper's info on Links Page).  If you would like to trade shows in that format, too, I would not object, and the quality of the disc itself is less an issue.  I would still ask that generic CDs not be used for that.  The lowest grade CD I would use for data discs would be Memorex. 

I will include a setlist if you request one and one is available.

Complete shows only.  No partials or individual tracks or collections of tracks.  If you lost one disc of a particular show, that is something entirely different, and I would be happy to help you replace it.

Shows are NEVER EVER EVER EVER for Sale for any price!!!  Please do not ask for me to sell you something that doesn't belong to me.  These bands have been cool enough to allow us to record their shows for personal use and trading only.  Don't ruin it for the rest of us who respect the bands' wishes. 

Thank You and happy trading.


Crosby Stills Nash and Young


Black Crowes


Cowboy Junkies


Dizzy Gillespie


Gov't Mule


Grateful Dead


Arlo Guthrie


Phil Lesh and Friends


Little Feat


Quicksilver Messenger Service - 06.07.68 and 06.08.68


Robert Randolph


Derek Trucks


Neil Young