Conformism, Immigration, and Patriotism

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Exactly. Lawfulness means NOTHING. We shouldn't hinder anybody from seeking a better life for themselves or their families - foreign or domestic. I, personally, am not interested in picking lettuce, cleaning bathrooms, or cleaning houses for minimum wage. I can't support my family on that. But for some people, that is an improvement, and who are we to deny them of this opportunity? When the U.K. sent our ancestors over here to "settle", it's too bad the natives here didn't employ the same immigration policies you propose. The settlers were all criminals, too, you know. With respect to legislation, we have reached the boiling point. We have been subjected to decades of propoganda and have been brainwashed into believing that laws were created to protect innocent people. This is far from the truth. People often allow their perspective to be altered by propoganda spewed from the mouths of our government, which is often amplified by the media. Such as since Sept. 11th, firefighters are held in much higher esteem than ever before. I am not knocking them at all. They have a very dangerous job, and work much harder than most people. But to lump police officers into that heap is ridiculous. I'm not trying to infer that all cops are evil, violent, racist pigs (pun intended), but law enforcement did not get any more credible since 09.11.01. They still use excessive force. They still profile racially. They still have problems prioritizing. They are still just as corrupt as they have always been. But since the Pentagon and WTC attacks, it has become "patriotic"to get behind your FDs and PDs. I am certain that if everybody in this country took the time to see what our role and motives were in all this mess, that there would be FAR less approval of our actions would be displayed (See http://www.copvcia.com ). I have been accused of being unpatriotic, but I see it quite differently. I refuse to conform to the current agenda of our government. I believe that our current actions are bad for our people as well as the rest of the world. My allegiance is not to the government of the United States, but to the people it misrepresents. Is that not patriotic? At some point, some things become more important than laws, money, and religion. Things such as human life and health, and personal freedom immediately come to mind. Building a wall separating us from Canada and Mexico is not going to protect us from within. That is my point. We are quick to blame our problems on Islamic radicals, illegal immigrants, and but we should really be looking at our government for answers. Florida's election snafu seems to make more sense now. Bush had an agenda, and he's following through with it. He was installed to finish the job his daddy was unable to complete. He's got a pipeline to build! He needed the attacks to justify the occupation of Afghanistan. Why else would the CIA spring 3 (I believe) of the hijackers within the week prior to the hijackings? Why else would the CIA not disclose the names of the people/corporations who placed thousands of put options on American Airlines, United Airlines, and J. P. Morgan stocks? Why else would the USAF not deploy intercepting aircraft to assist the planes when they knew they were hijacked? They NEEDED THE ATTACKS TO OCCUR! They knew it was going to happen, and they let it happen. They knew that would band the country together, and rally the troops behind their "counter-attack". Now they have the support of the people to follow through with their mission. I've seen more American flags in the past year than I have in my previous 30 years of existence. Blind patriotism is dangerous. Know and understand that which you advocate.