Fighting Against Ignorance and Violence Part 2

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> Another idiot who does not see evil in anything.  In short a Satan
> worshiper.
Is that the best you can do?  If you had less shit and more brains in your
skull, you'd probably be able to figure out that if I were a Satan
worshipper, I'd probably have some sort of concept of evil.  I don't worship
anything, including Satan, but I DO recognize evil.  I see it in your
intolerance, ignorance, and arrogance.  I see it in a government who forces
their beliefs upon others.  I see it in a government who knew what was about
to go down last September, and let it happen so they could occupy
Afghanistan and build the oil pipeline.  I'm not trying to infer that the
U.S. is the only party guilty of intolerance and greed.  We did start all of
this, but others are guilty of it, too.  You can't push somebody, and then
get angry when they push back.  We were all for funding, training, and
arming the Taliban when they were fighting Russia.  What's changed since
then?  They're the same people.  They have the same values.  OUR perception
has changed, though, because we pissed them off, and they reacted.  The
deaths of the innocent people on both sides angers me.  My point is that war
doesn't solve any problems, but only creates more.  How about we just forget
about them?  If we really investigated alternative fuel sources, and spent
the money on reasearch rather than a violent reaction, we could sever our
ties with the oil cartel.  But then, G Dubya's buddies wouldn't be getting
rich at the expense of the consumers and the environment.  There is a
peaceful resolve, but we must work for it.  The same holds true for the
problems between Israel and Palestine.  The U.S., of course, takes sides
with Israel, because there are more of them living here in the United
States, and there is more money there.  That's what the U.S. is really
interested in .  Not the "squatters" who are being kicked off the land so
Israel can "settle" there.  How do you settle an occupied territory?
Tactics employed by both sides are equally abhorrant.  The U.S. has no right
to take either side on this issue, but it should be up to them to find a way
to resolve this issue peacefully. The problem is, it's easier to kill than
it is to discuss.  Just as it is easier for you to try to label me, than it
is for you to produce a valid argument.