Gov't Mule 02.17.02 - Beacon Theater - NY, NY

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Gov't Mule
Beacon Theater, NYC
SHN - 2 Discs
Audio - 3 Discs
Disc 1: (1st Set)
1. Tuning
2. Pgymy Twylyte> Blind Man In The Dark
3. Bad Little Doggie
4. Lay Your Burden Down
5. Thorazine Shuffle
6. Taste Like Wine
7. Life Before Insanity>
8. World Of Confusion
9. Banks Of The Deep End 1
10. Soulshine 1
Disc 2: (2nd Set)
1. No Quarter+ 2
2. Fool's Moon 2
3. Rockin' Horse 3
4. Mule> drums (short)> 3rd Stone jam> Norwegian Wood tease> 3rd Stone jam> Mule 3
5. B Broken 4
6. 30 Days In The Hole 5
7. Can't You See 2 6
Disc 3:
1. Sweet Leaf+ 6>
2. War Pigs 7
3. Crowd
4. Encore: Warren talking/intros
5. Lovelight+ 8
1 w/Audley Freed on guitar & Andy Hess on bass
2/wAudley on guitar
3w/Marc Quinones on percussion
4w/Stefan Lessard on bass
5w/Jason Newsted on bass, Audley Freed on guitar
6w/Jason Newsted on bass & Kid Rock on vocals, No Danny
7w/Kid sings one verse and then leaves the stage (First Power trio since
Woody died)No Danny Louis
8w/Robert Randolph on pedal steel, Alvin Youngblood Hart on guitar, Marc on
+first time played
Recorded by Yossi Pollak with Art ??'s rig-thanks to Taper Todd Hinden for the seats.
Source info: Recorded in Row G, Seat 108
Neumann TLM 170>Apogee AD1000>Lunatec V2>D8>D8>DA-P1
Conversion to WAV: DA-P1>Midiman Dio 2448>CDWAV
Normalized to 98% using Soundforge
Converted to SHN using mkWACT
Posted by Yossi Pollak yossi3080@yahoo.com
Note: Normally I do not use Normalization.  However, some of the people patched out got worried about levels and clipping and made Art turn down his levels-resulting in a rather quiet tape. So, I normalized it to bring it back up.  Just goes to show-trust the tapers!!