Jimi Hendrix 1968 - Jimi's Apartment Rehearsal Tape

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<original setlist>
Circa 1968
Hendrix's Apt in New York
Source: Hendrix'sRig > EAC > SHN
Originally released as an acetate, this is reportedly recorded
at Jimi's New York apartment sometime in late 1968.
No Known Setlist Available
This is a great rare find.  You can hear Hendrix flipping the music pages as he practices.  Unfortunately not
much is known of this recording.  If you have any more information please email me.  This is a rare
recording of great quality, so please treat it as so and DON'T ENCODE IT TO MP3.
Enjoy and keep speading the tunes,
<New Info> From John @ sativa.etree.org  email:jcdauria@biology.lsa.umich.edu
 Jam 1 (Country Blues)
 Jam 2
 Room Full Of Mirrors
 Astro Man; Valley Of Neptune
 Jam 3/Jam 4/Jam 5 (repeat of Jam 1)
<More New Info> From Dylan @ "jamz" email: dylan at ibiblio dot org
<Updated January 13 2002>
In an email forwarded to the etree@etree.org mailing list, "Experience Hendrix, L.L.C"
said that this concert was "authorized by the previous administration of the hendrix estate"
and that it has been out of print for more than five years, and that no royalties are
received from the sale of this show (it originally came with a book about hendrix as a bonus).
So this should be O.K. to trade
Here is the correct setlist according to a post to the etrade@etree.org mailing list:
1. 1983....(A Merman I Should Be)  07:45
2. Angel     03:25
3. Cherokee Jam     03:12
4. Hear My Train a Comin   01:22
5. Voodoo Chile / Cherokee Mist   10:09
6. Gypsy Eyes     02:59