Blues Traveler 02.21.94 - CBGB's - NY, NY

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Blues Traveler
February 21, 1994
CBGB's, New York, NY
SHN - 2 Discs
Audio - 2 Discs
01. Crash Burn
02. Fallible
03. Freedom*
04. Shotgun Shell
05. Best Be On My Way*
06. Jabberwock*
07. Smile in My Pocket*
08. Stand*
09. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
10. View*
11. Price To Pay

Disc 2
01. Runaround*
02. Escaping**
03. Trust in Trust
04. NY Prophesie
05. Come Together**
06. Sweet Talking Hippie**
*= first time performed
**= w/ warren haynes
this was the unveiling show for most of "4", and the last
time they played CBGB's until the "BRIDGE" release party
on 5-8-01, with an added bonus of warren haynes sitting in
for three songs.  "smile in my pocket" is the original title
to "mountains win again".  there's a 15-second dropout at
about 8:45 in Sweet Talking Hippie from the master, but
besides that it's perfect.
Master creation:
Sony ecm959a>D7
by Jim Finn [jhfinn@aol.com]
SHNs were made:
D8>Egosys Waveterminal U2A>SoundEdit 16 version 2>WAV>SHN [no DAE]
by Dave Mallick [greenone@bluestraveler.net]